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 Artist Statement:

' a painter, my language is line and color and shape. they are my tools. they are my voice. made visible...' 


'...the question is never what am i looking at; the question is: what do I see?’ 


“I have created a way of art making that combines my interests in art, nature, and science. Nature informs my work and directs my eye; the effects of light, color and atmospherics feature prominently in my work. New visual information constantly presents itself to me. Close observation and awareness of the moment play a big part in my art practice.


The work begins outdoors with color sketches and drawings. Elements of light, color and shape draw my eye, as do patterns and relationships between objects.  With each sketch, I search for just the right degree of abstraction, seeking to remove the obvious and allow me a more open interpretation.


When I move into the studio I often produce a number of small studies, working with a variety of media and a range of scales, in an effort to more fully develop what I’ve seen and experienced. I rely heavily on visual memory and intuition to create work that is not time or site specific but evocative, specific, only to itself.”



Suzan Scott

July 2022

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