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Vitamin A Dailies - 2013: On January 1st, 2013 I began creating small works on paper, one a day, each only 4 x 4 inches. The works included sketches, ink drawings, color studies, and small paintings. Working in this small format allowed me to explore many different ideas, techniques and subjects, in a wide variety of styles, perspectives and approaches. I completed the year on December 31st, 2013 with 365 small works. A sampling of the Vitamin A (Art) work is represented below.

1.8.13 winterwood, mixed media on paper, 4 x 4 inches
1.17.13 winterwood mist no 6.JPG
1.22.13  Brattleboro night no 2.JPG
1.13.13 winterwood mist no. 4.
1.25.13 short beach afternoon no 2
2.17.13 wintertree sky.JPG
2.18.13 wintertree sky.JPG somewhere else.JPG
3.14.13 Topsmead trees.JPG
3.28.13 Bluff Point Marsh.JPG
4.5.13 Bluff Point Marsh.JPG
6.9.13 nantucket blues no 9.JPG
6.16-6.18.13 nantucket blues w orange no 2.JPG nantucket blues no 22.2.JPG
6.22.13 nantucket blues no 22.JPG
6.23.13 nantucket blues no 23.JPG
6.24.13 nantucket blues no 24 sans blue.JPG
7.30.13 summer day no 1.JPG
8.8.13 topsmead abstract no 5
8.18.13 summer day no 9.JPG
8.25.13 night fall sky
8.27.13 night fall sky
8.25.13 night fall sky
9.8.13 late summer grasses
10.30.13 autumn color
11.1.13 autumn color golden road
11.29.13 blue hills.JPG
11.30.13 grey.JPG
12.15.13 lowering sky
12.16.13 lowering sky
12.17.13 mist
12.27.13 winter sunset (v)
12.12.13 l'heure bleue.JPG
12.13.13 (redglow).JPG
12.31.13 day 365
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